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Meet Our Doula Coaches


Siobhan is the Head of Accreditation at The BirthBliss Academy. She has been a doula since 2012 and is a very experienced doula, having supported hundreds of births and navigated many new parents through those early days of parenthood.

Siobhan works as a birth and postnatal doula, and trouble-shooting specialist and is an Expert by Experience at Hertfordshire University.

Siobhan believes that a doula coach is someone who walks alongside, providing support on the way rather than managing and telling new doulas what to do.

Olivia has been a birth and postnatal doula since 2018. She has two daughters and lives with her partner in Bristol. She believes in the power of the pregnant body and will always encourage clients to connect with their mind and body and to truly tap into their instinct as they journey into parenthood. 
Olivia truly valued the relationship and support she had from her own mentor as she finished her training and started out on the path of doula life and becoming a doula coach herself has felt like a natural progression. Watching new doulas grow in confidence and encouraging them to really lean into how they want to work, what works for them and their family and where their heart lies is an honour and a joy to be a part of. 
Emily has been a birth and postnatal doula since 2017. She has built strong relationships with other doulas and believes having a support network of doulas is invaluable and a pivotal part of a happy and successful doula life. She has enjoyed growing her business and likes to think creatively about raising the profile of doulas. 

​Emily believes being a doula involves trusting the process and knowing that the right clients will find you. She was excited about becoming a coach as it's an opportunity to help new doulas uncover their uniqueness and find their voice. 
Lala's own challenges and experiences through pregnancy and parenting have been the organic jumping off point for supporting others through their own journeys.  

Born and raised in the UK with dual British/Australian nationality, Lala has been fortunate to spend time living in Switzerland, Argentina and Australia before moving to Dubai 8 years ago with a toddler and a baby (born in the UK). 

Less than six months after their arrival in the UAE, they found out Lala was pregnant with monochorionic twins.  It was a period of crushing isolation through a pregnancy complicated by Twin to Twin Transfusion syndrome.  Peer support became invaluable and the personal benefits Lala received became the catalyst to much of the support work she does today through Small and Mighty Babies, Twins Plus Arabia and TTTS Parent Support Arabia. 

It also sparked her desire to train as a birth educator, doula and breastfeeding counsellor and more. 

Leti trained as a doula with Kicki in 2012 and has been a doula ever since.

Leti is Italian and she lives in South West London with her three kids and 2 (very large 😉) dogs and is absolutely passionate about supporting new doulas as they start their journey. You might have already been in her house, if you did your doula course in London.

​She knows that a doula’s role can be extremely demanding, both physically as well as emotionally.

​Leti feels it is absolutely essential to be able to have someone there to share thoughts and ideas, debrief long complicated births, talk through any concerns or worries that as a new doula you may have. 


Louise currently lives in Sandhurst in Berkshire with her younger sons, Freddy, and Charlie.

Having spent most of her early career in the corporate world, Louise decided to retrain to become a doula, and hypnobirthing instructor. She trained with Kicki in South West London, which is where she met her now business partners, Leti, Lauren and Maelle. Together they formed The Doula Hub, a very successful doula business.

As a coach and mentor, Louise understands the unique challenges that newly trained doulas face as they seek to gain accreditation, establish themselves within the doula community, and build a business. She recognizes the importance of a strong support system and aims to provide a nurturing environment where doulas can develop their skills and gain confidence in their abilities in a very open and collaborative way.


Tracy is an accredited birth and postnatal doula, and Hypnobirthing Teacher. She also offers Closing the Bones ceremonies.

Tracy has supported a wide range of births in a variety of settings and numerous families as they navigate their postpartum.

Tracy finds providing continuity along each clients journey to parenthood, or helping them to adjust during the postpartum period, fulfilling and a huge privilege.

Tracy believes that having a good mentor helped her to find her way to being the doula she is today.

‘Doulaing the Doula’ was essential to her growth and development as she found her own path.

Online & In Person Doula Training Course In The UK

Jen is an accredited birth and postnatal doula and breastfeeding peer support and has been working in Somerset since 2021, where she lives with her husband and two daughters. Jen runs a thriving community infant feeding group and has built up a strong network of local perinatal contacts to support families and work alongside of. 


Jen became a doula after her own transformative births and unexpectedly difficult postnatal experiences, this changed how she wanted to support women on their own journeys. Jen is passionate about birth education, postnatal preparation, supporting clients with navigating the NHS and building community care. Having the experience of already being self-employed, this really allowed Jen to hit the ground running with her doula journey.


Jen gained so much from her own mentoring relationship and is thrilled to be a part of the BirthBliss Coaching Team. Having a listening ear, an experienced pair of hands and someone who understands the realities of doula work really did make working with her initial clients much less daunting. She strongly believes in the power of working together and having someone to reach out to. 


Charlotte is an accredited birth and postnatal doula and has many years of experience behind her. Her family home is on the borders of Cambridgeshire, Suffolk and Essex. She has three sons and enjoys cooking and walking her two dogs.


She has supported many clients from a wide variety of backgrounds and ethnicities.


Charlotte is excited to be part of the coaching and mentor team with The BirthBliss Academy. She believes in allowing new doulas to walk their own path and has a non-judgemental, listening ear.


Remembering the excitement of starting her doula journey and having her mentor beside her in the first steps, was a vitally important part of her successful doula development. She learns something new at every birth, as each birth is so different, which makes our doula journey a continuous honour. 

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