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Doula note books for mentoring program

Accreditation Programme

Information For Doulas

The accreditation process is more than just a ‘tick-box’ exercise and it’s not about getting four births and/or four postnatal experiences under your belt as quickly as you can. It is a way for you to grow and develop as a doula with the support of an experienced doula, whilst finding your feet and discovering what kind of a doula you are and want to be.

It is essential to emphasise that the programme is not designed to evaluate or judge the doula's performance. Instead, it creates a nurturing environment where doulas can freely share their experiences, thoughts, and concerns without fear of judgment. The program encourages open dialogue, allowing doulas to seek guidance, share challenges, and celebrate successes. By fostering a non-judgmental atmosphere, the Accreditation Program creates a space where new doulas can openly reflect on their journey, gain valuable insights, and grow both personally and professionally, knowing they are supported every step of the way.

​Our Accreditation isn't focused simply on the doula support itself but also on running a business. It's an option for those doulas who want to show that they've reached a certain level of knowledge and experience and not at all necessary if you don't find this to be important. Anyone can work as a doula, whether 'trained' or 'certified' in any way.

At The BirthBliss Academy, we have created our own accreditation programme and we really want this to be a straightforward and transparent process for all the doulas who choose to sign up for it. We want you to feel well supported, not just in your work as a doula, but also in running your own business and all that this entails. We will be collecting feedback regularly from the doulas who complete the process, and the programme will very likely evolve and improve over time. We are super excited about working with you and offering you a way to stay with The BirthBliss Academy from the very beginning of your doula journey until you have reached the level of becoming an Accredited Doula.

Requirements for doula accreditation:

  • Completion of The BirthBliss Academy Aspiring doula course, including all pre- and post-course work.

  • We would like to see you support at four births for birth doula accreditation, which would include a minimum of two antenatal sessions, an on-call period, and the birth.

  • We would like to see you support four families for postnatal doula accreditation, providing a minimum of five sessions to each client.

  • It might be possible to include previous births and postnatal jobs that you have supported in the last 12 months if we can get a feedback form completed by the person you supported.

  • For the accreditation process, you can support one friend or family, although everyone that you choose to support will teach you something and add to your growth.

  • If you are volunteering for a not-for-profit organisation, you can put forward two jobs for the accreditation programme. *

  • We would like you to speak with your Doula Coach after each experience so that you can take forward what you have learnt into your next doula job.

  • Ideally, we would like this process to take between 6 to 24 months – always keeping communication channels open with your Doula Coach.


The total cost for accreditation is £285 for the birth accreditation and £285 for the postnatal accreditation. If you're doing both at the same time, the cost is £520. There is an enrolment fee to pay before you start your accreditation, which is included in the full cost. This fee is £45 each for birth and postnatal accreditation and £40 if you're signing up for both. You pay the remaining fee (£60 per job) to your Doula Coach directly before each debriefing session.

All the feedback forms will be kept online and we will give you access to everything that you need when you sign up for the programme.

​We are really looking forward to having you join us and working with you to achieve Accredited Doula status!

* We have capped it at two as we are looking for the doula to gain experience working with paying clients from the perspective of running a business, e.g., sending invoices, being accountable etc. Feedback may not always be possible to obtain due to safeguarding issues, however, please exhaust all avenues first to see if it is possible.

Examples are:
• A phone call with the client.
• An email from a social worker or key worker giving a reference on behalf of the client.
• An email from an elder/mentor/coach from within the organisation the doula has represented.


The accreditation programme includes a 24-month period of coaching and mentoring, and this time period starts once you have signed up with your Doula Coach. Extending the time beyond 24 months will require you to re-apply and pay additional fees to continue your accreditation journey (any jobs already signed off can be carried forward). 

There are circumstances where you can put your accreditation programme on-hold and pause it with the intention of continuing at a later date. These circumstances include bereavements, long-term health issues and maternity leave. 

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