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What People Say About Our Doula Training Course

"I will shout from the rooftops about The BirthBliss Academy and Kicki's incredibly thought-provoking and passionate delivery of this course. I felt held, safe, heard, informed, inspired, in awe and empowered at every turn, have come away with a plethora of knowledge, and will forever be grateful to have found such an unforgettable avenue into the world of being a doula!"

"Before deciding to go with The BirthBliss Academy doula course, I looked through lots of course providers. Seeing the clear structure and comprehensive content of the course and after speaking to Kicki, who really took her time to listen to my concerns, I was sold. And I wouldn't change it for anything. Siobhan, who facilitated the course, is not only an incredibly knowledgeable doula but also a brilliant instructor. She filled the course with so many interesting examples and stories, which made it so much more interesting, memorable - and funny. Also speaking to like-minded people, sharing the same interests and sharing our stories judgment-free, gave me a sense of belonging that I've missed for a long time. So thank you Siobhan and Kicki and I'm glad to be part of this amazing doula cuddle."

"A wonderful four days at The Birth Bliss Academy. Kicki is super friendly, informative and a complete inspiration. The course is packed full of all the information you need and much much more . If you are looking for a Doula course I highly recommend this course; I carried out lots of research and I’m so pleased I found Birth Bliss. "
Kelly C

"I highly recommend Kicki’s course for anyone considering becoming a doula. Kicki’s knowledge and experience are impressive and she shares it in a warm and approachable manner, providing plenty of laughs along the way!  I have learned so much and feel inspired and excited about my new venture following this course."
Laura Waltzer  

"Kicki delivers a comprehensive course in a fun, varied and practical way.  She is very real, honest and down-to-earth which makes her very easy to learn from.  Her course is essential for any aspiring Doula, there is too much to learn without it but above all, it is her insight and experience which give great depth to the content. I came away feeling a lift from the burden of responsibility knowing that being 100% supportive, empathetic and caring to the needs of the couple is enough."
Sally Spencer

"What an incredible 4 days with amazing women it has been! You know you are on the right course when each day you feel so at home & that each day brings you a step closer to the path you wish to travel. Thank you Kicki for creating such an incredibly empowering space, and sharing your wisdom, knowledge & years of experience with such joy, passion, grace, kindness & above all true authenticity! You have an incredible ability to empower & remind those you teach to truly believe in themselves and that I have everything I need within me to go out & spread the doula love! I haven’t enough words to express my gratitude for being able to attend your course. Thank you! Namaste!"
Natalie Yunnie

"Kicki’s 4-day course was fantastic! I loved it from start to finish. Kicki is very insightful, driven, informative, knowledgeable, and fun! I came away energised, motivated and excited to start my new career as a doula. Thank you so much Kicki!"
Lisa Le Touze

"I felt that Kicki established a calm and supportive environment with which to learn.  The learning materials were provided in a varied and comprehensive way including role-play, video and discussion.  This ensured that we were never bored and that everybody’s learning styles were catered to.  Fantastic and extensive course materials are provided to back up the learning together with access to a website and online support."
Rebecca Mason  

"If you’re on Kicki’s website searching for the doula course, the Universe has brought you here for a reason. She is one of the strongest, ambitious and wise women I have ever met. This course will not only provide you with all the knowledge you need on how to support a woman during pregnancy and childbirth but will also prepare you to run your own business. Don’t look any further!"
Malwina Downing

"Kicki is a truly wonderful teacher. The passion and joy she brings to the class is infectious, and a few hours into the course you can sense it has already spread. The cause is jam-packed full of useful info and I came away feeling more than ready to start my journey as a doula. The support Kicki provides makes you feel like you do not only have a teacher who is there for you but also a friend."
Alina Nixdorf

"The Birth Bliss Doula course with Kicki Hansard is one of the best training courses I’ve been on. Kicki herself is warm and friendly and very knowledgeable, and her passion for supporting women shines through. The course content is varied, and the setting was so informal and relaxed that I felt comfortable asking anything that popped into my head! By the end of the course, I was inspired and raring to go."
Jo Hepburn

"Doing Kicki's course was probably the best money I have ever spent. The course covered everything I could have wished for, was well structured, set in a beautiful informal setting, and I enjoyed the intimate atmosphere with a small group of women. Kicki is an amazing doula and teacher, and the course reflects how inspiring she is; she brings out the best in people. I not only feel well prepared to start my path as a doula, but I feel uplifted as a mother and as a woman."
Eloise Rickman

"Over the years I have done various courses for CPD as a hypnotherapist and birth professional and this is one of the best I have attended. Kicki’s course surpassed my expectations (I was only after the practical information of setting up) and this is because of what Kicki brought of herself to the course. She has such a lovely warm and generous spirit in sharing all that she knows about supporting women that I shall always try and remember this in my therapeutic practice from now on."
Alex Heath (Traumatic Birth Therapy)

"Kicki offers a wealth of experience, having been a doula for many years, and offers insight and reflection into her many different experiences. The course itself was extremely informative, offering education on birth physiology, birth options, assisting with the oxytocin factor, etc… as well as exploring post-natal support, including breastfeeding support/referrals and mental health. All of this knowledge was offered in a safe, confidential environment. As a trainer, Kicki is warm, kind, and supportive - mirroring her role as a doula in the phenomenal way in which she shared her breadth of knowledge. I looked forward to attending this class every day. Upon completion of this course, I feel energised and competent to begin my career as a doula. Thank you, Kicki!"
Zrinka Ivkovic

"I have recently completed The BirthBliss course with Kicki Hansard and I cannot recommend it highly enough. Kicki facilitates an inspiring, informative and comprehensive overview of the role of a doula, covering both the work of birth and postnatal doula.   Kicki has a wealth of knowledge and information and can relate a realm of experiential narratives which enables a warm and personal understanding of the role of doula.  I truly believe this to be the best doula course out there!  Thanks so much, Kicki."
Denise Sims

"This course is down to earth, fun and packed with knowledge and wisdom. I'm so happy I ended up choosing this course for my doula training; Kicki is such a safe group facilitator and made us feel right at home from the start. I felt I got so much knowledge, information and facts to back up my doula business as well as so many avenues to explore for further training. Also getting the full set of business tools to get started made me feel secure and good about starting; I can do this! Looking very much forward to my work as a doula. Thank you so much, Kicki!"
Pia Dorotea

"This course is the best combination of clear, straightforward, information, a loving, inspiring teacher, and a warm group of women sharing the same goal, empowerment!"
Lucía Bameule 

"Training as a Doula with Kicki is so much more than just doing a course, it is a gift!  I feel I gained not just knowledge and information but an insight into this fabulous work ~ I am so looking forward to putting it into practice."
Josy Birmingham

"Before coming on the course I had thought about being a doula but didn't think it was something I would necessarily be able to do! Kicki has changed that and I feel that I can do it. Her course is extremely interesting, informative and delivered with such care and passion. I cannot recommend the course highly enough."
Michelle Baldwin

"I shall try and keep this short and sweet, but there really are so many wonderful things to say.  Kicki Hansard is a doula superstar! An inspiring teacher, confidant, and by the end of day one – a friend. She resonates warm, compassionate, and structured with the group and is an encyclopaedia of amazing knowledge and advice which she transcends amongst the students in the course in a remarkable, energizing way. The setting and environment of the course were so conducive to our learning too.  I am so pleased that Kicki jumped out at me when I first looked online, investigating which doula course to do!  Thank you Kicki!"
Victoria Harper

"This course is an intensive yet thorough introduction to the knowledge, skills and life of a doula. It allowed me to reflect on my own experiences of pregnancy, labour and feeding and to listen to others. It also offered me an insight into the expectations of becoming a doula and gave me essential knowledge and confidence in the role. Kicki shares her vast experience and knowledge with humour and compassion and creates a safe and comfortable space for this valuable work."
Lisa Sutherland

"Kicki’s Doula Course was certainly inspiring. Kicki has a down-to-earth approach without being too hippy-like. Everyone walked away from that course wanting to start straight away. Thank you Kicki you are an amazing woman."
Varvara Dranidis

"Kicki shares knowledge rather than just teaching, she is an absolute wealth of knowledge, and I enjoyed every second of her course!! Kicki is a beautiful soul, with a lovely, caring nature, and that shines through in all she teaches. She is also a consummate professional, as is evident by her reputation, which precedes her. I can't recommend the course highly enough, and so look forward to doing further short courses with Kicki."
Lisa Skinner

"BirthBliss Course for Aspiring Doulas is the real first step to becoming a doula for those who are looking for a course that is serious, informative and complete. Kicki Hansard is a knowledgeable, warm and professional teacher, and all the information and support will help you in this life-changing choice of becoming a doula."
Victoria Palavecin

"The BirthBliss Aspiring Doula course has been absolutely fantastic – it’s packed full of information and guidance and is a great way to meet a network of other aspiring doulas. Kicki is a really inspiring lady – so knowledgeable and encouraging. I feel much better prepared to embark on a career as a doula – thank you so much Kicki for a wonderful course."
Alexandra Ballarini 

​“It was an absolute joy to do my doula training with Kicki – she teaches in a very understandable manner, is easy to listen to and also gives you the confidence to make you feel you can ask any questions whether you feel it’s silly or not. She is a genuinely lovely person and this does shine through in her passion for childbirth and how she teaches. I would have no hesitation in doing any further training with Kicki, in fact, I’d look forward to it!”
Donna Tweddle

“Kicki is an inspiring teacher. She is clearly passionate about her work and with her open, caring and supportive manner, she journeyed through the three days with boundless energy and contagious enthusiasm. I think we all wanted to attend a birth alongside her so that we could see how she worked first-hand and be guided by her in a real-life birth situation. But in saying that, she certainly made the experience come alive in the room and we learned so much from her throughout the course. She is a very professional doula and a born teacher.” 
Rowena Ronson

"Kicki’s training was one of the best training courses I have attended (and I have been to many). It was hugely informative, full of education and importantly, it was fun. I have come away with not only a wealth of knowledge on birth, birth choices, pain relief and more but with a sense of healing from my own traumatic birth and perinatal mental health experience."
Rosemary Deans

"Easily the best course I've ever been on. Kicki has a naturally inspiring way of sharing her wealth of experience. You really come away from the week having soaked up her energy & wisdom like a sponge. It would be impossible to regret doing this course, regardless of whether you decide to become a doula or not!"
Lucy Hawthorne

"I felt very inspired by Kicki’s doula training course. She is full of warmth and encouragement, covers a huge amount in four days without it being overwhelming, and is full of up-to-date information and sources. Her passion for her role as a doula, and also as a teacher, is obvious. Thank you Kicki!"
Alice McAllister 

"Kicki’s doula course gives an informative and comprehensive overview of birth physiology, infant feeding and the work of birth and postnatal doula. Kicki facilitated a relaxed and comfortable environment in which to learn and discuss.  It was a wonderful and inspiring 4 days."
Hayley Rand

"This is an amazing and inspiring course. Kicki is so warm and welcoming and this, mixed with her unbelievable knowledge makes attending this course a fantastic experience. I haven’t been able to stop talking about her, the course and the friends I made. I can’t wait to take the next step now."
Olivia Hilliard

"I started the course feeling really nervous and like I didn't have enough knowledge or skills to work as a doula.  The course was really well put together. It built on the basics we learnt in the pre-course material, the role plays allowed us to put this knowledge and newly taught skills into action and by doing so we're shown that we can do it!  I left the course on day 4 very excited and ready to start my new journey. I have already begun applying this to my work."
Emma Reeves

"I would thoroughly recommend Kicki’s Doula course, as she has an amazing ability to immediately make you feel relaxed and welcome as if you are one of her close friends!"
Sharon Caplan

“Kicki’s course equipped me with both the knowledge and confidence I needed to start my own Doula Journey. It provided me with immeasurable insight into the doula world In a wonderfully fun and supportive environment.”
Grace Davies

"I feel much better prepared to work as a doula, I feel I have gained so much information and most importantly confidence. Also knowing that just being there can make a difference and I'm not there to 'fix' things or take control has really helped. I would recommend Kicki's course 100%. I'm now ready to start my doula journey."
Sue Tinsley

"Kicki’s course was both inspiring and informative, though relatively short at four days it did provide enormous scope for me to grow and to get to know myself better.  Kicki’s knowledge and charisma are obvious from the time you first meet. Her kindness and generosity are essential in creating a very open atmosphere in which course members can connect with each other, feel free to open up and share experiences.   The course was very well structured and it gave me the necessary amount of information to be able to start my journey. I know I have a lot to read and learn, but I now have a direction, a support system and most of the tools that I need to commence the journey.  By the end of the four days I felt very confident I would be capable of starting this amazing journey, and above all else, for me personally, this was the most important outcome of the training."
Ecaterina Brady 

"As well as having a wealth of knowledge in this subject, Kicki is such a warm and lovely lady.  She explains the course in an eloquently and professional way.  You can certainly tell that she lives and breathes being a Doula as well as the other maternal passions she has."
Nicky White

"This doula course is excellent, informative, friendly and relaxed.  Kicki is a wonderful teacher, very knowledgeable and supportive.  The breastfeeding element to this course is essential and takes it head and shoulders over other courses."
Gemma Barry

“Kicki was amazing, I felt at ease from the moment I met her. She has a great sense of humour and knowledge. It was easy to absorb all course content. Thank you!”  
Colleen Beck

"Kicki Hansard’s course ‘Aspiring Doulas’ is inspiring.  Light and airy, the joyfulness of it disguises the deep learning.  It helps you to focus your thoughts and sets you on a road to discovery of self and others."
Fawzia Whittuck

“Absolutely brilliant course! I felt Kicki was really welcoming, it made me feel warm and more confident. I think this course gives you a better understanding of what a doula can do and how fantastic this job is, to support women in the most precious time of women’s lives.”
Pratiksha Agarwal

”Coming from Manchester it was a big commitment to travel down to Hertfordshire, but Kicki’s course was worth every penny and the travelling! Kicki was welcoming, and warm and created an amazing environment. I left feeling completely enlightened empowered, confident and prepared to start my journey as a doula. I would wholeheartedly recommend this course to any aspiring doula, it covers a varied range of material and Kicki is inspiring.”  
Lauren Simcox

“Loved this Doula UK-approved course and although we covered everything we needed, I would love it to continue!! So happy I was recommended to do this course with the lovely Kicki and will definitely return the favour to someone by recommending the course to someone else to benefit.”
Judy Eastwood

“Coming from Holland to London for this course was a great choice! I have learned a great deal of useful facts and helpful tips. And the group of other aspiring doulas was so nice and a lovely mix of people! I have learned so much, Kicki is so warm and made me feel very welcome. Thank you very much, I want to go again!”
Rosa Krieb-Verschuren

“The BirthBliss Doula course is the best investment any aspiring doula could make. Kicki is warm and generous in sharing all her doula experience. The course has moments of reflection and moments of fun and you will come away with a wealth of information.”   
Nicola Brown

“I totally loved the course, every minute! Kicki created a gorgeous space for us to learn, explore and reflect. We were guided through a journey so we are ready for our new roles”
Elva Ainsworth

“Kicki is a wonderful, inspirational woman who has really enabled me to believe in myself and my abilities to support women. I have loved every moment of the BirthBliss course and feel the content and the atmosphere could not be more perfect. Thank you Kicki for being the best person imaginable to start me on this fascinating, powerful journey and helping me to find my ‘happy place’. I will always be grateful!” 
Chloe Rawlinson

“I trained with Kicki in 2006 and found her style of teaching both warm and engaging. Kicki’s collaborative approach made it feel that the group was ‘co-creating’ the content as we went along, which meant it really landed with me. I am able to call on the information we covered during the course without referring to books or the internet, even though several years have passed, which to my mind indicates a very effective trainer!”
Lizzie Jarvis

“Kicki, I wanted to tell you that I think the most important thing that you offer during this training is that you walk your talk! It’s so valuable to see you practice what you preach… you are a doula in every way!”
Helena Bingham

“Kicki was warm and welcoming on the first day of the course and I immediately felt at ease with her. During the course, she really helped me to reflect on why I wanted to become a doula and the journey I had already been on in working with expectant parents. I learnt so much from Kicki, not just factual information, but so much more about accepting people and not judging others’ decisions, but respecting them and empowering them to make their own decisions around birth and caring for their new baby. I also learnt an enormous amount about how I could successfully run my own business as a doula and I am enjoying every moment!”
Lisa Ramsey

“I trained with Kicki in May 2010. She was incredibly informative, and knowledgeable. The whole course was wonderful, a fantastic start to my Doula Journey. Kicki's passion for her role as a Doula/trainer is inspirational. Thank you Kicki!”
Jane Clement

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