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The BirthBliss Academy Doula Course

Ready for a Life-Changing Journey? The BirthBliss Doula Academy Awaits!

Are you ready to embark on an extraordinary journey of doula training that will profoundly impact the lives of women and families during the pivotal moments of pregnancy, childbirth, and the postnatal period? Look no further! The BirthBliss Doula Academy, a leading doula academy in the UK, is your launchpad for turning such dreams into reality.

We offer an engaging 4-day course, tailor-made for those eager to become a birth and/or postnatal doula. This isn't just a basic doula workshop, the course delves deep into the essence of what it means to offer compassionate and caring perinatal support. Built on the foundation of trauma-informed care, the curriculum equips attendees to offer nurturing and professional doula services during the whole perinatal period.


With over two decades of experience offering doula services, the academy's seasoned professionals are thrilled to share their wealth of knowledge. Whether you prefer the intimacy of face-to-face instruction or the convenience of a self-paced online doula course, options abound. The full doula training syllabus is available for you here.

Upon completion, graduates will be well-equipped to offer childbirth education and labour support, along with nurturing care in the postnatal period. For those keen on doula certification, the academy's Accreditation Programme serves as a seal of their expertise and experience.

Why choose The BirthBliss Doula Academy for your Professional Doula Training? The course is the brainchild of Kicki Hansard, an award-winning doula and author with a career spanning since 2002. She's been a beacon for aspiring doulas since 2005, founding member of Doula UK and has trained over 1,000 individuals with her Doula UK Accredited Course. Notably, Kicki has trained many of the current UK doula course providers, making her a cornerstone in the UK's doula education landscape. The course is a fusion of Kicki's extensive field experience and her academic background in Psychology and Social Sciences.

Joining Kicki is Siobhan Smith, a force to be reckoned with in the doula community. A doula since 2011 and a self-employed professional for over 20 years, Siobhan brings a wealth of experience to the table. She serves as the Head of Accreditation at the academy and is a troubleshooting maestro for new parents. Siobhan also holds the title of 'Expert by Experience' at Hertfordshire University.

In essence, enrolling in a doula course at The BirthBliss Doula Academy is as personalised and impactful as finding the perfect doula services. 

So, are you ready to become a doula and join the ranks of the extraordinary?

Core Components of  Our Doula Course


Empathy with others and with yourself is probably the most important principle of doula work. Doulas provide emotional, practical, and informative support to families during the childbearing year. Empathy is at the heart of everything.
As a doula, you are not there to rescue or to make decisions for anyone else. The ability to remain non-judgemental and to stay in the moment depends on your understanding of your own life and birth experiences. In addition to learning about the physical and emotional aspects of birth and the postnatal period, this doula training course also teaches you about the options available during childbirth and as a parent.
In this course, you will start your journey of self-discovery, personal responsibility, and transformation. Being a doula is exactly that, being rather than doing.
You will learn how to provide trauma-informed care by rephrasing the question What is wrong with that person? to What happened to that person?

Doula taking notes in journal
Family with baby after doula support
The beginning of your doula journey provides you with a strong foundation on which to build your career. This course will provide you with important knowledge and information along with practical skills for supporting women and families before, during and after childbirth.
You will be shown how to provide authentic support for others. A key objective of The BirthBliss Academy is to ensure that all aspiring doulas remain authentic and understand their role as doulas well.
Every doula has their personality and interests. You will learn about what kind of doula you are!
Your role as a doula combines a calling with a career, and you will be able to support new parents in preparing for birth as well as offering them guidance in the postpartum period as a doula.
You will leave the course with a wealth of information that you can pass on to your clients. We will provide you with ongoing support as soon as you leave the course.
Should you choose to do your accreditation with us, we are here to hold your hand from the very beginning until you become an Accredited Doula.
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Notepad on Doula Desk


It is essential that you have an understanding of entrepreneurship since you will be setting up and running your own business as a doula.
The BirthBliss Academy offers you the training you need to run your own business as a working doula, as well as on-going support that is included in the fee.
You having a successful career is important to us.
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