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About The BirthBliss Doula Academy

Kicki Hansard visionary founder

Welcome to The BirthBliss Doula Academy – a place that gives aspiring doulas the education, support and inspiration to set up and run their own doula business!​​
Hi there, my name is Kicki Hansard and I’m a doula and full-time doula course facilitator. I'm totally passionate about supporting aspiring doulas as they step into doula work as self-employed professionals.​
I’m also an author and speaker … but more about that shortly.

From humble beginnings to leading doula course providers 

Back in 2002, I stumbled upon an article about doulas in a Sunday Magazine. I had two young children at the time and when I read about doulas and the work they do, I instantly felt that this was something that would have made a huge difference for me when I started my own motherhood journey. As I signed up to attend a doula course I didn’t know it at the time, but that decision changed my life. I know that statement sounds like it belongs on one of those cheesy “buy my £1000 training program” sites but it is actually true.

Within six months of completing my doula training, I was supporting a woman as she roared her baby into the world and I knew this was where I belonged. I have learnt so much in the two decades that I have been working with women and new mothers and I’m passionate about sharing this knowledge with aspiring doulas.

As my course has grown in popularity and doulas generally are more commonly known, I’m now proud to be one of the leading providers of doula courses in the UK and my course has been approved by Doula UKFEDANT and The Doula Association of Ireland.

Why The BirthBliss Academy?

I started The BirthBliss Academy in 2012 because I wanted to offer a high-quality doula course whilst protecting the very essence of what doula work is. We don't train doulas - we believe that people feel drawn to this work and already have the skills necessary. We provide education, inspiration and support to enable those who complete our course to confidently offer doula services and in the process, contribute towards creating positive memories for their clients throughout the childbearing year.

I believe that by welcoming everyone who feels drawn to doula work and by giving them the tools to run a successful business, we will create a diverse community of authentic doulas. This means there will be a doula that is right for each woman out there and every family and their unique needs. 

Since then, I have started the doula journey of more than 1,000 doulas all over the world and I keep offering ongoing support and education to ensure that the doulas who belong to The BirthBliss Academy are on top of their game. To ensure doulas can advertise their services on a professional website, I created The Doula Directory.

I also produce a podcast together with my friend and colleague Siobhan Smith and you can find The Doula Dispensary here, if you’d like to learn more about being a doula.

If you would like more information on The BirthBliss Academy please get in touch through my contact page.

The BirthBliss Doula Academy has a professional panel of advisers, is a member of the European Doula Network, and is registered with the UK Register of Learning Providers (UKRLP). We are also registered with the Department for Work and Pensions.


Subscribe to The BirthBliss Academy

Please stay in touch with what The BirthBliss Academy is up to by connecting with us on FacebookInstagram or LinkedIn if you’re active on those networks.

To download the full course pack, please head over to this page and enter your details and we’ll send it right over to you.


Get my thoughts… in a Book ​

In 2015, I decided to start writing down everything that I had learnt as a doula as I wanted to be able to give this to my two daughters. It was important to me that I was able to pass this knowledge on. One of my friends asked me why I wasn’t thinking about publishing it as a book for everyone to read. I’m grateful to her because this led me to publish what was initially intended for my daughters as my first book, The Secrets of Birth.

In 2019, I was approached by the publisher Singing Dragon, who asked me to write a book about supporting survivors of sexual abuse. Together with the help and insight of survivors who completed a questionnaire I put together, Supporting Survivors of Sexual Abuse Through Pregnancy and Childbirth: A Guide for Midwives, Doulas and Other Healthcare Professionals was finally published in 2020. I'm thrilled to let you know that it has also been translated into Japanese and published in Japan in July 2023. 


The BirthBliss Academy Events

Lastly – if you’re in the UK you might like to check out The BirthBliss Academy training events that we hold across the country. Check out details of our next Aspiring Doula Course training event here.

I also speak both around the UK and the world – more information on my speaking can be found here.

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