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Siobhan Smith
Head of Accreditation

Siobhan Smith is a Course Facilitator at the BirthBliss Academy, as well as the Head of Accreditation and a Doula Coach. She is a very experienced doula, having supported at hundreds of births and navigated many new parents through those early days of parenthood. Siobhan works as a birth and postnatal doula, trouble-shooting specialist and is an Expert by Experience at Hertfordshire University.

Siobhan is married to Paul and they have three teenagers and one crazy springer spaniel. She was born and raised in North London and come from Irish parents, hence the name “Siobhan” pronounced Shiv-on. Its Gaelic, (Irish). Having an unusually spelt name often means she spend a lot of time explaining her name is not pronounced Si-o-ban.  

Life as a working mother is always busy but Siobhan thrive on that, and she loves spending time with her family and friends. Her hobbies include eating cake and exercising to work off the calories, although she feels she haven’t managed to get the balance quite right on that.  Siobhan has been supporting families as a birth & postnatal doula since 2011. 

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