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Imagine if there was more to birth than being afraid, Imagine if birth could be empowering and joyful. Whether you are planning a homebirth or a caesarean, the birth of your baby has the potential to be a positive experience you will look back on with pride. This book shows you how it can be done, answering all your questions about birth, arming you with the knowledge you need to make informed choices, and filling you with confidence to trust your instincts and take control.

​In The Secrets of Birth, award-winning doula and mother of two, Kicki Hansard, lets you in on her birth and parenting secrets, gathered over 15 years of supporting hundreds of families. Straight-talking and honest, packed with real-world examples, and filled with evidence-based information,

The Secrets of Birth is your secret weapon to help you prepare for a positive birth.


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The Secrets of Birth

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