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Melly the dog on the sofa with paws crossed

Head of Work-Life Balance

Upon joining The BirthBliss Academy in December 2021, Melly swiftly took the reins.

As the overseer of Work-Life Balance, Melly perpetually echoes the mantra that a stroll, a snack, and a siesta make everything sublime. She also nudges us with the reminder that infusing some playful antics is a business necessity now and then.

In the thick of work, you'll spot Melly engaging in Zoom meetings, heralding arrivals and packages, and throwing a sceptical glance until she's acknowledged.


Outside her professional realm, Melly revels in tailing Kicki through the house and eagerly anticipating her meals and indulgences. She’s also fond of nestling on the sofa, engrossed in a riveting film beneath a cosy blanket.


Melly would like you to be privy to the fact that she's the linchpin behind BirthBliss Academy’s triumphs, as her tail's wag and her beaming smile can sway just about anyone.

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